Basement Problem Solved

If you want to be able to enjoy the family room you built in your basement, be sure you don't have water seeping in through the walls or floor.

When you need to reduce the humidity in your home, use a waterproofing system that drains the leaks.

We offer geo channels and peering systems to help move water out of your basement.

You can buy all the supplies you need to fix your leaky basement walls from us at our online store.

Insulation is the key to water barriers and polyethylene is the layer that is tear resistant and water resistant.

If you have a basement wall made of bricks or concrete, the healthy home wall liner is the right solution for you.

Houses that don't have sump pumps will want to get one before the flood season starts next spring.

To avoid having to dig up your entire yard, be sure to fix bowed walls in your basement as soon as you see it happen.

Fixing cracks in your basement wall is something that needs to be done quickly.

There are control systems that can channel water out of your house.

There are water barriers you can install in your crawl space that will protect your foundation from getting soaked in a rain storm.

Don't wait until you see your cement blocks start to crumble before you fix your basement water problems.

03/09/17 07:47:41 PM

When the electric goes out in a rain storm, a sump pump backup battery will keep your home from flooding.

03/08/17 03:39:55 AM

Sump pumps offer important ways for homeowners to move water away from their basement.

03/06/17 06:09:51 AM

Don't even think of finishing your basement without waterproofing it first.

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